Oklahoma Barn Market Signs

Tailor Made Sample Suits Sign
Metal sign in wood frame. hand-painted.
6' W x 12" T
No Longer Available

Flowers Hardware and Stoves Sign
Large wood sign, hand painted. Two-sided.
Two parts are attached to one another.
Does not include Suits sign.
10'W x 22" T
No Longer Available

Merrill's Dept Store Sign
Large metal sign, hand painted.
5'W x 31"T


  1. These signs are amazing! I LOVE the Merrill's one! I am definitely going to have to check this place out! Where is it located?

  2. Yet another unanswered question from a year ago...

  3. As much as they charge for their beautiful pieces, the could hire someone to handle their website! I'm available and work cheap!


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